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NOTE: All 3rd Floor Conference Rooms are subject to bumping with little or no notice during the legislative session. Alternate meeting locations may not be available if you get bumped.

This room can be reserved using a self-reservation program. Select your desired date and time. A confirmation email of a successful reservation will be sent to requestor. Reservations can be made in 1 hour increments with a 3 hour maximum. Your reservation must include time for setup and cleanup. You are responsible for returning the room to original condition.

AFTER HOURS- If your reservation is to start at or after 5:00pm, Monday - Friday or anytime during the weekend, additional information is required to ensure Capitol Building access and security. Fees will be applied for this service. Access will be denied if additional information is not provided. This information will be requested once you submit your reservation.

This space does not have doors and is subject to the public walking through the space regularly.

Food and beverages are prohibited in the room.

Traveling exhibits are displayed in this room.

Use of Conference Rooms

  • Conference room table and chairs provided.
  • This room does not have doors. It is designed to allow walk-through access between east and west sides of 3rd Floor, east end.

24 People

Seating for 16 at the conference table and lounge seating for 8.

Located on the 3rd Floor of the Capitol, at the end of the east hall.