Capitol Complex Reservations

To view spaces and availability- Click the black box to the right of the Space Availability section to view the calendar.

Please read the important information regarding Confirmation Notices for all types of requests.

Booking Information

All Conference Rooms on the 3rd Floor and the Press Conference Room B971 are subject to bumping with little or no notice during legislative session. Alternate meeting locations may not be available if you get bumped.

Confirmation Notices

Confirmation notices for all 3rd Floor Conference Rooms, G20A Conference Room, and B971 the Press Conference Room are confirmed immediately, nothing else is required unless the reservation is for after business hours or on weekend.

Confirmation notices for all other public spaces or requests for after hour use, are not to be considered approval for your event. This confirmation notice merely acknowledges that your request is on the calendar, and is successfully holding your reservation. Facilities Management (FMD) will email the required application to your self-entered email address by the end of the next business day.

For all after hour and weekend reservations, a second email will be sent to the requestor for additional information.

Questions? Contact us: or call 651-201-2300